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I was very interested in studying overseas to broaden my knowledge and experience. Many of my friends recommended Australian Universities, through their own experiences. Therefore my first choice was to study in Australia. It was important for me to have an education experience in a different country as it carried a lot of weight in determining career advancement and it also added more value to my resume. An Australian education would open doors and ensure that I will have new opportunities in terms of my career.

Also studying in Australian Universities and living in Australia would present an opportunity to enhance my English knowledge. Australian Universities also have English courses for international students who don’t speak English as their first language. Many international students take advantage of this prospect to learn English to help them follow their study courses.

I decided to enroll for a Master degree, as I had completed my bachelor’s degree in my home country and I discovered that there are many postgraduate areas of study which to choose from. Also there are many Australian Universities which to choose from. I selected my course of study and my preferred university and they promptly sent me the necessary documents to apply for a student visa.

I arrived in Australia a few days before the start of the orientation program. I attended the orientation program which is conducted by all Universities in Australia, for both local and international students, especially for the international students to get use to the new city and surroundings.

The first day of lectures was a somewhat difficult because I was from a different country, at first, I thought, 'Oh no, what am I doing here?', but after that I really enjoyed it. The lecturers are very friendly and they are always willing to help. When you get into it, you find out what an incredibly valuable learning experience it is.

While I enjoyed campus life, there was work to be done and I soon appreciated what was on offer academically. In terms of skills I gained the ability to research and I learned to produce high quality work. You take away very practical skills and knowledge that you will use later on. A good sound knowledge base allows you to understand whatever you are going into and you feel like you hit the ground running.

Deciding to study in Australia was one of the best decisions that I made. It was a truly valuable education and life experience.

Ayman Al Jabry - IT Student

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