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Migration services
Australian Agency can offer expert advice and assistance on migration matters through our affiliations with reputable and experience migration agencies. Just ask our local staff for assistance.

Student supervision services
Australian Agency understands that you may experience some challenges when getting used to a new country. So we do not simply place you in a university to study in Australia. We assist you through your entire study experience.

Australian Agency is here to offer academic advice and welfare support for international students throughout Australia. No student is the same as another. So we tailor our student supervision to your individual needs.

Accommodation services
One of the most important decisions you will need to make after arriving in Australia to study, is where to live.

Students in Australia have several different accommodation options available to them. Australian Agency can help you find:

  • Homestay arrangements
  • Hotel accommodation until you find permanent housing
  • Temporary housing with international student groups
  • On-campus housing in halls of residence or small apartments
  • Off-campus housing in rooms for rent or apartments

Travel Services
You are here to study and learn in Australia. But there is also a whole new and exciting country for you to explore. When you want to take a break from study, Australia offers plenty to do on and off campus.

Australian Agency can help you find interesting excursions and activities in your university city and beyond. These activities provide a great opportunity to meet other people and make new friends.

Australia has an excellent transport system. We can help you plan and book every aspect of your travel. 

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