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The process of application for international students who currently reside in Australia is an easier process for those that apply from overseas.

Nearly half of the student enquiries we receive are from students who are already in Australia, these enquiries include:

  • Transferring course
  • Transferring university
  • Transferring city
  • Completing additional study on top of your completed program

With this in mind we have a team of trained experts who can provide you up to date advice on the legalities and obligations of the next step in your study decisions.

We have contacts at all of the top Australian universities and Immigration to make sure your process of changing or upgrading your studies simple.

Some of the benefits of utilizing AAET to make your next step:

  • We recommend the best University on quality, cost and location
  • We walk you through the application process, step by step
  • We can help you decide on the best student lodging in Australia
  • We provide constant contact once you have made your study decisions

And the best part is, the entire service is FREE!

For more information on how you can register with AAET, click here

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