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2014 Scholarships Heritage, Merit and Transfer

Curtin University Sydney is delighted to introduce the international innovation scholarships 2014. These scholarships are for international students starting at Curtin University Sydney in one of our three semesters in 2014, February, July or November.
The 2014 scholarships are broken up into three categories:
Merit Scholarship – for Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, India, Kenya, Middle East, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Zambia or Zimbabwe.
Heritage Scholarship – for Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam
Transfer Scholarship – for all offshore students who have completed a Curtin University Program
Each of these scholarships award students 25% of the first year tuition to successful applicants of the scholarship, for further information just click on the links below which apply to the scholarship you are interested in:
You can also contact us on +61 (02) 8399 7888 to speak to one our friendly staff who can assist you with your enquiry.

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