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Melbourne, Australia, November 2009; Australia’s leading promoter of education and training in Australia for international students from the Middle East, Australian Agency Education and Training (AAET), has commenced a drive to help students find the perfect fit for their education needs.

‘A step in the right direction’ is a campaign that will see a student win a free 5 week English Language Scholarship from world-renowned institution the Hawthorn English Language Centre, $3,000 worth of travel expenses and cultural experiences that will last a lifetime.

AAET has helped thousands of international students find the right education and training from institutions in Australia.

“Receiving an education in Australia is a ‘step in the right direction’ for international students,” confirmed AAET Managing Director, Roland Jabbour.

‘We are particularly proud of the high level of education available in Australia that is complemented by a cultural experience which is inviting to international students.”

Just by using AAET’s free service, students are able to take advantage of this competition which will see a student receive a prize that will assist in their educational pursuits.

AAET’s work with Middle Eastern students has seen thousands benefit from an education in Australia, one of the recognized countries for its high standard of education.


About AAET

The Australian Agency for Education & Training (AAET) was established in 1997 to promote Australian education & Training across all sectors in the Middle East through the recruitment of international students to Australian Universities and educational institutions. AAET is based in Melbourne, Australia and has offices all over the world with a focus on the Middle East region

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