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Important alert from the University of Melbourne November 2013

It is now time when many students start thinking of the reality of moving to another country. One of the best ways you can help a student at this time is to help them to meet others.

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2014 Scholarships Heritage, Merit and Transfer

Curtin University Sydney is delighted to introduce the international innovation scholarships 2014. These scholarships are for international students starting at Curtin University Sydney in one of our three semesters in 2014, February, July or November.

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Australia streamlines visa assessment levels

Australia’s new government has announced measures to support international education including simplifying the country’s student visa assessment level framework and offering streamlined visa processing to 22 non-university providers.

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The NSW Government and the education sector have issued a warning to international students in relation to the activities of the Overseas Students Association (OSA), a subsidiary of the National Liaison Committee (NLC).

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Australian Education Exhibition attracts good turnout

By Hasan Kamoonpuri; The 8th edition of the Australian Education Exhibition, which included 18 leading universities and colleges, held here yesterday saw a big turnout of students.

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Oman Tribune; To explore more academic opportunities in Australia, over 600 students and guardians visited the educational exhibition, organized by the Australian Agency for Education and Training (AAET), here on Saturday.

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Melbourne, Australia, November 2009; Australia’s leading promoter of education and training in Australia for international students from the Middle East, Australian Agency Education and Training (AAET), has commenced a drive to help students find the perfect fit for their education needs.

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AAET 2010 Exhibition

This event will show case Australian education with representation by leading Australian institutions, accommodation providers and information on life in Australia.

With door prizes including English language scholarships, free trips to Australia and vouchers the Australian Agency Exhibition will provide an amazing opportunity to learn everything you need to know about life and study in Australia.  University representatives and bilingual Australian Agency staff will be present at every session and all University applications are completely free of charge. From the visa process, to the right course and institution, to living in Australia let us help you make a ‘step in the right direction’


April 3

  • Fujeriah 11-2pm
  • Dubai   5-9pm

April 4 - Abu Dhabi

April 5 - Muscat

April 7 - Riyadh

April 8 - Jeddah

April 10 - Tehran

Register now for the session in your city and we will send you more information on the AAET April Exhibition  (name, phone, email, area of interest and city to be sent to study@studyco.com).


13 November 2009, Melbourne, Australia; Australian Agency for Education and Training has launched a new website aimed at helping international students with registrations for Universities and Colleges in Australia.

The website which features a registration form for a free service to help students with choosing the right University or College and submitting their applications, will integrate with web 2.0 platforms to assist international students in finding information that is pertinent to their decision making process.

Marketing Eye was engaged to develop the website which features flash animation, databases and content built on a html platform.

“AAET is very focused on ensuring that students have the right information to make informed decisions and that they find the process as easy as possible,” said Ms Mellissah Smith, CEO, Marketing Eye.

“Customer service is paramount to everything they do and this website highlights just how important looking after customers needs are to the business.”

For more information on how you can register with AAET, click here

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