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Step 1: Research your options
Australia universities offer a wide range of program options. Australian Agency can help you tailor your study program and provide expert advice on the academic and English language requirements for entry.

Step 2: Make your application

Apply Online

You can also track the progress of your application online. Simply click on the Check your Application Status button above.

Note: Your application will require supporting documentation.

AAET staff will contact you to explain exactly what is required but it will include certified copies of your academic transcript, English test results and passport. You must ensure that all supporting documentation is provided when you apply.

Some universities will also require a processing fee before they assess your application. You have two options for making these payments:

  • Pay by credit card directly to the university
  • Pay by electronic transfer to Australian Agency. We will make payment to the university on your behalf and provide you with the university’s receipt of payment.

Step 3: Acknowledgement and assessment of application
Australian Agency will acknowledge your application and provide a reference number so you can track your application online.

Step 4: Accept your offer
In order to obtain your Confirmation of Enrolment you are required to:

  • Pay the fees or submit required Financial Guarantee to accept your university course
  • Send your completed signed Acceptance of Offer form
  • Provide any outstanding certified documentation to meet the conditions of your offer

Important student logins
We know that you will be anxious to keep track of your application so we offer easy online facilities to help you:

How long will my application take?
Processing times can vary depending on the program of study and university you want to apply for. Credit exemptions take additional time as universities need to assess applications on a case by case basis. You will be required to submit a course syllabus if you are requesting credit exemptions.
You can speed the process up by ensuring all documentation has been provided. This includes supporting documentation. Australian Agency’s current approximate processing times for complete applications are as follows:

  • English offers - 3 working days
  • Diploma/Bachelor offers - 1 week
  • Masters offers (coursework-  4 weeks)
  • PhD - 4 to 6 weeks

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