AAET 2010 Exhibition

AAET will be conducting a series of exhibitions in April next year to showcase the enormous benefits of life and education in Australia.

With representation from many of the leading universities in Australia as well as relevant accommodation providers, the event will equip students with all the necessary knowledge required to take a ‘step in the right direction.’

Beginning on April 3 with exhibitions in both Fujeriah and Dubai, the Australian Agency will also hold exhibitions in Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Riyadh, Jeddah and Tehran.

As well as providing students with essential information for life and study in Australia, Australian Agency staff will also guide students through the whole application process. From information on Visa procedures, to course and institution advice and everything in between, AAET staff will ensure that all students are adequately prepared to make an informed and educated decision about their future.

In addition to the extensive information on offer, there will also be door prizes including English language scholarships, free trips to Australia and vouchers.

Make sure you’re a part of this leading event by registering now for the session in your city. Simply email your name, phone number, email, area of interest and city to student@aaet.com.au to receive further information.

The dates at locations for the 2010 exhibitions are as follows:

April 3: Fujeriah 11-2pm
              Dubai 5- 9pm
April 7: Riyadh
April 4: Abu Dhabi April 8:  Jeddah
April 5: Muscat April 10: Tehran


Australian Agency for Education and Training is offering students a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life and education in Australia.

By simply applying to study abroad through AAET, students will enter the draw to win a five week English Language Scholarship in Melbourne and a $3000 travel voucher.

To make sure you’re in the running for this unique experience, fill out the application form at http://www.aaet.com.au/contact.html


Australian Agency for Education and Training has launched a new website aimed at helping international students with registrations for Universities and Colleges in Australia.

The website which features a registration form for a free service to help students with choosing the right University or College and submitting their applications, will integrate with web 2.0 platforms to assist international students in finding information that is pertinent to their decision making process.

Marketing Eye was engaged to develop the website which features flash animation, databases and content built on a html platform.

“AAET is very focused on ensuring that students have the right information to make informed decisions and that they find the process as easy as possible,” said Ms Mellissah Smith, CEO, Marketing Eye.

“Customer service is paramount to everything they do and this website highlights just how important looking after customers needs are to the business.”


In addition to the launch of the new website, Australian Agency for Education and Training has now become part of the social media networks of Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure you keep up to date with all the latest AAET news by becoming a fan on Facebook and by following us on Twitter.


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