AAET is not only the leading educational organisation for overseas students, but is also the best option for students currently residing in Australia.

With almost half of student enquiries coming from those already in Australia, the AAET team is more than equipped to deal with any queries that students may have.

AAET’s expert staff offers support and up to date advice to ensure that the entire application process is as simple as possible.

This includes advice regarding:

  • Transferring course
  • Transferring university
  • Transferring city
  • Completing additional study
  • The application process
  • The best university option based on a students individual needs
  • Accommodation options

AAET has important relationships with the relevant people at all of the top Australian universities as well as immigration to ensure that changing or upgrading your studies is smooth and straightforward.

The best part is, this entire service is FREE!

For more information on how to register with AAET, visit our website or email


With just under two months until the first AAET exhibition launches in Muscat, the event is beginning to gather some serious momentum.

20 of Australia’s top universities have already confirmed their involvement in the exhibition ensuring that the country’s best educational institutions will be on show.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this incredible exhibition. Register now for the session in your city.

  • Fujeriah | 3rd April
  • Dubai | 3rd April
  • Abu Dhabi | 4th April
  • Muscat | 5th April
  • Riyadh | 7th April
  • Jeddah | 8th April
  • Tehran | 10th April
  • Libya | 12th April


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VIC 8007 Australia

Phone: +613 9629 2677
Fax: +613 9629 2611
Email: student@aaet.com.au